About the Norpine Trail Association


The Norpine Trail Association is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, including maintaining, preserving, and enhancing the historic Norpine Trail System in Cook County, Minnesota, (which includes Cascade River State Park trails, Deer Yard Loop trails and Hall-Massey trails) by:

  • Building and maintaining trail systems for public use;
  • Educating trail users about safe and responsible trail use;
  • Educating the public about the values and benefits of cross country skiing;
  • Promoting appreciation of and care for public lands;
  • Encouraging dialogue between trail users, public/private landowners and other user groups;
  • and organizing events that utilize the Norpine Trail System.

Norpine Board


  • Nicholas (Nick) Culp - President
  • Patrick Kindler - Vice-President
  • Shannon Benolken - Treasurer
  • Tim Nelson - Secretary
  • Elger Lorenzsonn - Trails Administrator

Board Members

  • Dave Howe - Board Member
  • Dawn Leckenby - Board Member
  • Jacob Neprud - Board Member
  • Audrey Cullen - Board Member
  • Adam Dettman - Board Member
  • Ryan Peterson - Board Member
  • Kjersti Vick - Board Member
  • Thomas McAleer - Board Member

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